Message from 'umble analyst, 13 October 2010

So many things wrong with this, it's unbelievable.

Hot spots - you claim most hot spot maps just show officers what they already know, yet this has been scientifically tested and proved not to be the case. I've sat in meetings and watched an area Inspector explain a crime issue was occurring at a specific time for a specific reason when the real times/reasons were in front of him on a presentation everyone could see! The two things didn't match! I've been involved in analysis that has led to criminals being caught within minutes of interventions being put in place thanks to smart analysis.

Your entire site focuses on a very singular offender-focused approach to analysis - in truth, a very narrow element of the analytical spectrum. A sad irony given your claims for analytical free-will!

Oh, and the "I won't implement NIM because I haven't read it (so ner!)" quote is extremely childish and negative.

Grow some balls and instigate some positive change!